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Invisalign in San Diego, CA

Invisalign is a system of clear aligner trays designed to straighten teeth. Because the aligners are custom made to your teeth, they are not bulky and are almost invisible. Invisalign aligners straighten teeth without traditional metal bands, brackets, or wires. Using a series of clear, removable aligners that are changed every two weeks, it is a virtually invisible solution for straightening teeth so you can smile throughout your treatment.

Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear and do not require you to change your busy lifestyle. Average treatment is only about one year, however, some cases can be completed in as little at 4 months. Because the aligners are removable, you can continue to eat your favorite foods while brushing and flossing your teeth normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

For years, patients have been hoping for a way to have beautiful straight teeth without having metal wires and brackets in their mouth. Invisalign is a clear choice to straightening and aligning teeth. Dr. Firtel will be able to tell you if Invisalign invisible aligners are the right choice for you.

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