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San Diego Sedation Dentistry

For extensive procedures, patients with special needs, and those who are in search of more effective dental care and treatment options to deal with their anxiety or fears, sedation dentistry may be the perfect solution.

In-office sedation not only permits nervous patients to enjoy a greater degree of comfort during routine or extensive procedures, but allows patients who have secondary conditions or special needs that might limit their access to conventional options to receive treatment in a safe, stress free environment.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs

There are a wide range of patients for whom sedation dentistry can make all the difference when receiving dental treatment.

  •  Autistic patients can relax and undergo all types of dental procedures without the attendant anxiety that makes even routine care difficult.

  • Cardiac patients with conditions that could be aggravated by the stress and discomfort of conventional procedures can receive treatment in a safe, monitored and controlled environment.

  • ┬čAnyone with a preexisting or secondary condition that could make conventional dental procedures a difficult and challenging undertaking can also benefit from sedation dentistry.

Safely sedating a patient before a treatment can greatly reduce the stress, fear and discomfort associated with many dental procedures. Patients who may be unable to submit to the rigors and discomfort of a fully conscious procedure may find sedation dentistry to be their best option.

Sedation Dentistry Offers Greater Comfort

Lengthy and involved procedures can put great stress on the human body. Undergoing a medical sedation prior to extensive or difficult procedures can ensure that patients are able to minimize their discomfort and submit to even the most difficult of care and procedures far more comfortably and easily. Learning more about the potential benefits that sedation dentistry has to offer, as well as which patients would be best served by such options, can be an important step in arranging for optimal care and recovery.

Working with the Best

Premier providers of sedation dental procedures are highly trained medical professionals who have full access to equipment and specialized training. They have the expertise to provide a smoother and less stressful experience for many patients who might otherwise suffer through dental work in fear and discomfort. Working with the best ensures that needs of any patient can be met comfortably, easily, and with greater effectiveness and success.

Taking Advantage of Superior Care Options

All special needs patients, from those who suffer from the most severe and limiting of medical conditions to those that may only be limited by an active gag reflex or heightened level of anxiety can benefit from finding better ways to enjoy quality care.

Learning more about the advantages and opportunities that sedation dentistry has to offer will ensure that you are not limited in terms of options and alternatives, and will receive the best and most appropriate care for your situation. Feel free to call our San Diego dental office and schedule your anxiety free dental appointment today!